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New Cumberland Fire Department Officers  2017

* Life Member

President: Dean Jury *

Secretary: Keith Becker *

Financial Secretary: Dennis Derr *


Chaplan: Tyler Alday

Fire Chief: Jim Benson *

Deputy Chief, Fire: Jeff Gouldy *

Ambulance Corps Commander: Ed Erlsten *

Operational Appointed Line Officers

Truck Captain: Trae Boisvert

Engine Captain: Rick Anderson

Fire Lieutenant: Kyle Marshall

Ambulance Corps Vice Commander: Steve Kreckman

EMS Lieutenant: Shannon Stone

Operation Appointees To Chief's Staff

Chief Engineer: Jim Massie *

Assistant Engineer: Denny Snook *

Training Administrator: Keith Becker *

Junior Advisers: Tyler Alday ( Operations )  Bernie Donnelly * ( Admin )

Administrative Assistant: Sara Benson

Director  Chairman: William Wireman

Director: Roger Estep *

Director: Bernadette Donnelly *

Director:  David Voyack *

Director: Deb Harbold *

Director: Denny Snook *

Director: Chuck Dougherty

Special Fire Police Officer's

Fire Police Officer: Thomas Edwards

Fire Police Officer: Don Estep

Fire Police Officer:  Walter Garner

Fire Police Officer: John Jenkins

Fire Police Officer: Roger Knight *

Fire Police Officer: Donald Moore *

Fire Police Officer: Denny Snook *

Fire Police Officer: Mike Stone

Fire Police Officer: Robert Walters *

Fire Police Officer: Ronald Winters *